xxmockeryxx (imgreatithink) wrote,

happy yesterday was st patricks day

i had asuper good time last night i went to traverse city with two of my roommates and one of their girls to a place called streeters where i saw ----- get ready wait for it GEORGE CLINTON AND THE P-FUNK FUCKIN ALLSTARS yeah your jealous and if your not you should be - it was rediculus amount of fun that 78 year old black man rocked it out like no other - and guess who wasnt there not a single little scene faggot standing around with their arms crossed nod their head tryin to look cool - i shook my rediculus ass like i do - it was sweet as fuck - george clintons grand daughter was there miss sativa diva and she flowed up a storm --
i told one of the waitresses from the bar i work i was going to see that show and she asked me who george clinton was - i wanted to slap the knowledge into her dumb ass - - anywho fun times thats all - if i knew how to work puters better and thought anybody gave a shit id post mad pictures but i dont and you dont -- love you anyway - bye for now
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