xxmockeryxx (imgreatithink) wrote,

last week was geat and dissapointing at the same time

i missed out on some time i wouldve enjoyed spending - but got to spend some time that i did enjoy - thanks - i worked 71 hours last week because my work lost some help and was short handed so i sucked it up and did what i thought would be helpful - mad double shifts are not sweet but fat checks are for sure - anywho it sucks that working so much complicated/cancelled my plans for the week -- but thats ok - my boss manager guy really appreciated my help - and showed it by giveing me an envelope cantaing moneys from his pocket - and bought me a fat steak dinner which was bloody as fuck cuz i murder animals and like it -- then the owner of the place i work at told me how much he appreciated me volenteering my services - he said me being theere so much mayd everybodys week that much easier then gave a cift certificate thats good foor three different resturants two of which the people there would prolly be all uppppppity and give me dirty looks and attempt to make me feel uncomfortable - but i wont allow that -- because nobody elses actions should ever control your actions -------- im very thankful that i made the mistake of assaulting my friend soaper because of it im becomeing a much better person and learing a whole lot - and also gaining the wisdom to use the knowledge i aquire ---- still prolly need to work on that spelling - haveing others show their appreciation is very nice -- my birthday is feburary 17th ----------- visit me -- or not - i love most of you bye for now
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